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Recent additions/changes/corrections

Mar, 2023
24th: Many start times fixed, 1980-2009, thanks Anthony L.

Dec, 2021
2nd: Carlton behinds fixed 1979 GF, thanks Jose S.

Sep, 2020
15th: Start time StK v Rich, 1996 7:40 -> 2:10, thanks Shane B.

Aug, 2020
21st: Gerald Butts - > Gerard, thanks Aaron D.

Jul, 2020
4th: Fixed Richmond goalkickers, r3 1958, thanks Rob M.
10th: St Kilda: Nick Bloom in for Allan Greenshields, r8 1952, thanks Matthew B & Connor7395

Jun, 2020
25th: Fixed Brownlow votes r20 1998, thanks Adrian B.
19th: Fixed start time WCE v Rich, r21 1992, thaks Rhett B.

May, 2020
16th: Phil Walsh coach Port Adelaide, rd 22 2001, thanks Jack H.
21st: Fixed Barry Stoneham's number, rd 6 1986, thanks Nick w.<.br>
April, 2020
4th:Fixed Collingwood coach, 1904 & 1908, thanks Richard
:Fixed Jordan Lisle DOB, thanks Richard A.
14th: Misiti one goal, Wanganeen none, rd4 1993, thanks DW

March, 2020
4th: Fixed Merv Keane number 1975, thanks Rhett B.

February, 2020
5th: Fixed Craig Burrows DOB, thanks David O.

January, 2020
24th: Brendan -> Brendon Moore, thanks Gregor M.

October, 2019
4th: 1990 & 1999 grand final scoring progression, thanks John H.
22nd: Tom Fitzmaurice coach North, rds 1-8, thanks Tim G.

September, 2019
17th: Fixed Paul Payne's number 1986, thanks Adam W.

August, 2019
13th: Fixed Robert Hando's DOB, thanks Clinton Q.

July, 2019
31st: Fixed Brent Jones' number 1966, thanks Adam
: Fixed umpires Foo. v Fit, WCE v Ess, r18 1996, thanks Paul C.

June, 2019
1st: Fixed Alister Ford's stats R8 1983, thanks Alister F.

May, 2019
14th: Added score progressions 2001-2007 (some games missing), thanks to Blaise M.

December, 2018
4th:Jimmy Gaynor DOB 22-05-1875
:Peter Everitt one goal, Brett Bowey none, St Kilda r5, 1993, thanks Darren P.
:George Hastings in for Harry Wright, Ess. r2, 1901
:George McLeod Stk. 1903 a different George McLeod
:Arthur Davidson, not Alex Davidson r7 & 10, Fitz. 1898
:Les Hughson, not Mick Hughson r10 & 12, Fitz. 1937
:Ernie Blencowe -> Percy Blencowe, SM 1905-06
:Start time 3:15 SM v Gee, r2,1944
:Kelly Robinson -> Peter Robinson

November, 2018
2nd: Fixed George Stewart (Carlton) DOB, thanks Stephen W.
5th: Dick Gibbs DOB 4-2-1893, thaks Stephen W.
:Gary Ablett sr 2 goals, not 1; Richard Loveridge 2 goals not 3; Haw v. Rich. rd5, 1982, thanks, Clinton Q.
8th: Dan Minogue -> Mel Morris coach, Rich r8-10 1925, thanks Rhett B.
20th: Fixed Steven Clark jumper Ess. 1985
29th: Bill Ahern (Carlton) - DOB 2 Mar 1865 : Bob Hooper (Carlton) name change -> John Hooper : Dick Bliss (SM) - DOB 7 Apr 1881 : Horrie Lyons (SM) - DOB 4 Jan 1876 : Brian Buckley (Foots) -DOB 29 Mar 1935, thanks Stephen W.

October, 2018
6th:William Richardson, not Archie Richardson, St Kilda 1900.
:Alfred Richardson, not Archie Richardson, St Kilda 1901.
:Archie Richardson did not appear for St Kilda 1898, identity of who did appear unknown at present
:Fixed DOB Jim Lyons
:New table - Finals
10th: Fixed Kieran Lovell's DOB, thanks Stephen W.
17th: A number of jumper changes 1917, thanks Stephen W.
18th: Alf McDougall, Fitzroy -> Abe McDougall : Jim Dorgan, Melbourne 1949 -> Jack Dorgan 23rd: Removed Dave McNamara coach St Kilda r18, 1914
:Frank Davis coached Melbourne, r8, 1979
:Ted Pool, DOB 9/11/1905
:George King -> Bob King r4+5, 1916
:Arthur Norden umpired Coll v Fitz, Jack Elder Carl v Rich, r9, 1916
:George White -> Robert White Carl, r5, 1916; Robert White -> George White Carl, r8, 1916
:Arthur Snowden -> Eddie Byers Melb r10, Eddie Byers -> Arthur Snowden Melb r11
:Mark Eustice no. 6 -> 4, Richmond 1988
:Dan Collins DOB 22 Aug 1872
:Matt Hannbery no 26->36 Footscray 87-90
:Arch Middleton -> Arthur Middleton
:George McLeod DOB 13-09-1871
:Jim Darcy -> Tom Darcy, South r17, 1904

August, 2018
7th:Many more jumper number fixes for 1912, thanks Phillip T.
:Jeff Farmer's number 1999, thanks Shane B.
15th: New table - Free Kicks
21st:Jumper number fixes for 1913, 1970 & 1971, thanks Phillip T.
:Fixed Paul Shanahan's number, thanks Aaron

July, 2018
4th: Start time Rich. v Carl. R2, 1999 -> 8:10pm, thanks Shane.
: Goalkickers St.Kilda r2,1921 -> Moyes (3), Lowrie (2), James (1), Kerley (1), Ricketts (1), thanks Baden S.
24th: Fixed numbers Craig Potter 1984, Max Papley 1967 thanks, Peter B.
29th:Number fixes: George Heinz, Billy Orchard, Percy Martini,Alec Eason, Leo Healey 1913 :Doug Gillespie, Billy Dick, George Bruce, Viv Valentine, Jack Wells, Percy Gibb, Jack McArthur, Bruce Campbell 1912, thanks Phillip T.

June, 2018
3rd: Fixed Peter Russo's number 1978, thanks Clinton Q.
14th: Fixed Tom McMahon (Foots.) DOB, thanks Stephen W.

May, 2018
4th: Fixed numbers for Brian Cook and Paul Temay, thanks Chris & Paul C.
: Fixed DOB Charlie Pierce, Bill Laver in for Charlie Dowell Fitzroy r5, 1912, thanks Rob H.
: Don McKenzie coached Footscray r11, 1982, thanks James
8th: Fixed Pat Kennedy (1923-25) DOB, thanks Rob H.

Apr, 2018
6th: Fixed DOB Gower Ross, thanks Stephen W.
19th: Fixed DOB Lewis Jones, Ess R3,1901 George Martin out -> George Hastings in, thanks Rob H.
:Fixed Terry Thripp's number, thanks Andrew

Mar, 2018
27th: Changed start times 1974 2:15->2:00, 1938 Jun-July 2:45->2:30, thanks Rhett B.

Feb, 2018
16th: Fixed Neville Fields number 1981-82, thanks Bernard
: Behinds added: Ric. v Stk. R11, 1975; Ric. v Haw, R2, 1977; Ric. v Coll. R4, 1977; Ric. v Stk, R11, 1977; Ric. v Mel. R5, 1978; thanks Rhett B.

Dec, 2017
21st: Barry Breen number 1968, 4->17, thanks Jodie N.
Start times, R13, 1991 Syd v Car 2:10->3:10, Fitz v StK 2:10->1.10, thanks Ange C.
Terry De Konning -> Koning
28th:Fixed DOB: Edgar Croft, Arnold Beitzel, Percy Scown, Jack Watt(1), Wilfred Stott, Bob McKendry, Jack Ross(1), Charlie Colgan, Fred Godfrey, thanks Stephen W.

Nov, 2017
3rd: Horrie Quinton, Geelong 1900 -> Heber Quinton, thanks Rob H.
15th: Kevin Caton DOB 5/10/1965 -> 10/5/1965, thanks F.Pope
Jack Roberts DOB 24/03/1868 -> 02-01-1867
Sep, 2017
14th: Fixed Michael Wrtight's number 1979, thanks Andrew G.
Fixed Les Field's DOB, thanks Stephen W.

Aug, 2017
1st: Fixed birthdates Henry Young and Noel Hickey. Thanks Stephen W.
6th: Alex Barnigham -> Alick Barningham, thanks Denis B.
27th: Birthdate fixes: Murray Murrell,Ralph Taylor,Darren Bennett,Don Holmes
Andrew Macnish,Peter Higgins,Bill Dalton,Jason Cloke,Archibald McNair.Thanks Stephen W.

Jul, 2017
7th: Start time Ess v Gee, Rd 2, 1921 2:45 -> 3:15. Thanks Rhett B.
12th: George Gibson -> Phil Gibson, Ess 1907. Thanks Rhett B.

Apr, 2017
29th: Changed start times Bri v PA, Fre v Ric R16, 2000, Thanks James P.
:New tables, Season team stat totals by game

Mar, 2017
15th: Changed numbers of Syd Barker, Tom Fitzmaurice and Charlie May, Ess. 1922, thanks Chris H.

Feb, 2017
Wally Spry -> Bill Spry, thanks Ian G.

Dec, 2016
7th: Carl. v Coll. R18, 1978. Fixed Carlton's half and three-qrt scores, thanks Gary W.

Sep, 2016
27th: Lionel Jacobs->Lindsay Jacobs, thanks Pope

Jul, 2016
6th: Fixed Troy Moloney's 1992 and Anthony Darcy's 1993 number, thanks Paul C.

Jun, 2016
7th: Fixed R50 counts WCE v Adel R12, 2004 thanks David O.

May, 2016
11th: Removed H&A numbers for 1911, added numbers Coll v Fit RD4, 1903, thanks Gregor M.
: Fixed Barry Cable's number 1975
19th: Some minor stats fixed, thanks Ian O.,Three new tables

April, 2016
12th: Gerald McCarthy's number R21, 1973 26->21, thanks Alasdair B.
21st: Bob Hay in for Kelly Robinson, Fitzroy SR3, 1900. Harold Rippon in for brother Les, Melb. R1,1900
Jerry McGrath in for Bill McNabb, St Kilda SR1, 1900. This was "McNabb"'s only game, ergo he is removed
from the record. Thanks to Rob H.

March, 2016
10th: Lots of number changes c.1912-1915 and elsewhere, thanks Stephen W. and Rhett B.
29th: Harold Brookes in for Norman Brookes, St Kilda 1898. Alex MacKenzie in for Gordon Dangerfield, St Kilda Rd 6, 1912, thanks Rob H.

February, 2016
10th: Changes to Richmond lineups 1916. Rd 5, Thorp in for Collopy; Rd 6, Bettles in for Stewart; Rd 8, Collopy in for Burns; thanks Rhett B.
27th: Des Martin's number 1942, thanks Rhett

January, 2016
6th: Paul Sarah's number 1980, Robert McGhie's 1980 & 81, thanks Chris Y.

December, 2015
9th: Fixed Kelvin Matthews' number 1978, thanks Gerard G.
22nd: Jason Wild in for Scott Burns Coll. R12, 1995, thanks Andrew G.
29th: Charlie Taylor: Richmond coach Rds 17 & 18, 1909, thanks Rhett B.

November, 2015
11th: Fixed Mick Malthouse's numbers 1972, 74 & 76, thanks Paul C.

October, 2015
13th: Geelong R6, 1919 Percy Martini in for Harry Marsham, thanks Michael R.
27th: Fixed 1965 numbers for Peter O'Shea, John Tickell & John Price, thanks Rhett B.
28th: Created Jack W. Ross Geelong 1919, a different individual from Jack C. Ross Geelong 1920-22, thaks Michael R.

September, 2015
1st: Start times RD 7, 1939 2:45pm -> 2:30 pm, thanks Rhett
10th: After research from Trevor Ruddell from the MCC, a number of MCG attendances from 1908 to 2009
have been amended. These changes include the 1908, 1912, 1917, 1922, 1947-1950, 1953, 1956, 1964, 1966
and 1977 (R) grand finals. It also includes the record H&A attendance (R10 1958 Melb. v Coll.) which is now recorded at 99,256

August, 2015
4th:Average games per season, suggested by bayley
Hugh Mitchell's number, 1965 PF, 31 ->30, thanks Paul C.
12th: Kevin Neale's number 1965 finals 31 ->18, Paul C.
Fixed St Kilda's 3 qtr time score v Ess 1996, thanks Richard A.

July, 2015
15th: Caretaker coaches: 1939 Nth Melb R17-18, Keith Forbes -> Ted Cusack
1943 Sth Melb R12-16 Joe Kelly -> Johnny Leonard
1944 Rich R15, Jack Dyer -> Dick Harris
1951 Sth Melb R12-15, Gordon Lane -> Ron Clegg, thanks to Ross S.
28th: Con Molan DOB -> 15-Oct-1886
Updated a number of team lineups Fitzroy 1907, thanks Rob H.

June, 2015
9th:Fixed John Murphy's number 1979, thanks Paul C.
28th:Art McWhinney -> Alec Mawhinney, thanks Harold P.

May, 2015
2nd:Fixed Stephen Carey's number 1986, thanks Clint
13th:Amended Adelaide Oval attendances for 2015, thanks Kevin T.
14th:Fixed Graham Scott's number 1972, thanks Paul C.
14th:Slight revamp of Season Sumary page, thanks Lucas G.
17th:Bill Mackinlay -> McKinley, thanks Michael R.
31st:Fixed Michael Roach's kicks R4, 1980, thanks 35Daicos

April, 2015
1st: Adjusted Xavier Clarke's number 2003, thanks Jeremy; and Leigh Matthews number 1973, thanks Paul. C
1st: Adjusted numbers of Ian McOrist, Paul Stevens 1972; Greg Beck 1973 & Mike Delahunty 1974, thanks Phil T.
6th: Henry Molan -> Con Molan, Con Ryan -> also Con Molan
7th: Fixed Ryan Gamble's number 2006, Chris Schmidt 2010, thanks Andrew A.
8th: Start time 1998 GF, 3:20 -> 2:50, thanks Richard A.
14th:Fixed Will Houghton's h&w, thanks Stephen W.
26th:Ryan Gamble's number 2006 back to 15, thanks Paul C.
28th:Fixed Norm McIntosh's number (hopefully), thanks Rhett B.

March, 2015
4th: Fixed Merv Hicks' 1959 number, thanks Phil T.
11th: Player numbers now assigned on a game-by-game basis, Collingwood and Melbourne 1958 most affected, thanks to Phil T.
If you know of mid-season number changes or one-offs, *AND* can identify precisely which games need to be amended, let me know
18th: A number of jumper fixes Collingwood 70s & 80s, , thanks to Phil T

February, 2015
16th: Jim Tarbolton -> Tarbotton, thanks NSW Football History, via Kevin T.
26th:Player ages, suggested by Brian D.

December, 2014
4th: Richmond coach R12-14, 1944: Jack Dyer -> Dick Harris, thanks Rhett.
4th: Billy Barham & Greg Hamilton, fixed jumper numbers, thanks Paul C.
4th: Adjusted attendances RIC v GWS, R19, HAW v SYD, GF thanks Trevor R.
22th: Ralph Rogerson's DOB adjusted to 24-Feb-1937, thanks David O.

November, 2014
2nd: Robert Johnston -> Bob Johnstone, thanks Your Holiness.

October, 2014
3rd: Fixed coaches Hawthorn RDs 11 & 17 1957, thanks croucher
15th: Corrected dates of Melb. v Fitz. & StK. v Ess. R5 1905, thanks Ron D.
15th: Added field umpires, big thanks Ron D.
24th: Richmond coach SF 1920, Dan Minogue changed to Max Hislop, thanks Rhett B.
27th: Charlie Pagnocollo -> Pagnoccolo, thanks, Chris R.
30th: Dal Kennedy -> Del, thanks Redman.
31st: Fixed Port v Rich 2014 EF crowd, thanks Nick R.

September, 2014
2nd: Team specific season and game player stat records, suggested by emre
11th: Fixed spelling of Alex Tayler, thanks to Beth T. Fixed birth date of Horrie White, thanks to Rob W.
11th:Slightly expanded club goal kicking pages
18th:Fixed coaches Melb R11 & R13 1965, thanks Rhett

July, 2014
9th: Filled in some missing player stats, thanks to Jayzel
9th: Fixed Michael Thomson's number at Richmond, thanks Jim H.
10th:Fixed numbers of various Hawthorn players, thanks David M.
14th:Allan Goad -> Alan, thanks David P.
18th:Filled in some more missing player stats, thanks to Jayzel
19th:Consecutive scores, idea by Grant H.
23th: Changed Reg Gibb to Percy Gibb, Collingwood Rd 6, 1914, Changed Bert Armstrong to Lou Armstrong, Ess. Rds 7-9, 1914, thanks to Stephen W.
23th: A number of 1914 jumper adjustments, thanks to Stephen W.

June, 2014
5th:New game records, idea by Boomer
11th:Fixed some guernsey numbers Essendon 1953, thanks to Craig, Jaeger O'Mara's number, thanks Nathan, and a bug in Most Teammates, thanks David F.
11th:Added 1967 player stats, big thanks to Jayzel & Andrew G. This completes the player stats section, with some holes that may or may not be filled.
15th:Fixed numbers of various Hawthorn players from the 30s, thanks David M.
16th:Changed the 1997 GF crowd from 98,898 to 99,645.
25th:Fixed Liam Pickering's number, 1993, thanks to Paul.C. Adjusted several 2014 crowd figues, thanks to Kevin T.

May, 2014
3rd: Won with no Brownlow votes, idea by Paul C.
7th: Alex -> Alec Epis, thanks to Gregor M.
10th: Added 1965 player stats, big thanks to Jayzel & Nicholas D.
17th: Kick/handball ratios. Fixed Shane Williams' number 1987, thanks Paul C.
19th: Fixed Ian Robertson's number, thanks to Peter G.

Apr, 2014
3rd: Losses when winning disposal count
16th: Added 1966 player stats, big thanks to Jayzel & Nicholas D.
17th: Most Individual Goalkickers In A Game, suggested by Glenn B.
17th: Trevor -> Treva McGregor, thanks to Andy B.
21th: Game notes in match pages, suggested by Gary.

Mar, 2014
22nd: Fixed Mark Athorn, Ian Montgomery, and Glenn McLean's numbers, thanks to Paul C.
17th: Changed Percy Gibb to Reg Gibb, Collingwood Rd 1, 1914, thanks to Stephen W.
5th: All players by debut age, suggested by Andrew M.
5th: Fixed a bug in some player age caculations

Feb, 2014
26th: Added 1973 player stats, big thanks to Jayzel & Nicholas D.
26th: Fixed Ted Murphy's number, thanks to James T.
11th: Added 1971 player stats, big thanks to Jayzel & Andrew G.

Jan, 2014
29th: Adjusted Allan Edwards' 1979 number & Greg Wells' 1980 number, thanks to Paul C.
29th: Fixed Footscray coach 1978-79, thanks to Paul S.
9th: Added 1968 player stats, big thanks to Jayzel & Nicholas D.

Dec, 2013
14th: Added 1969 & 1970 player stats, big thanks to Jayzel, Nicholas D., Andrew G. & Hodgepodge
14th: Fixed Phil Narkle's 1987 & 1990 numbers, thanks to Florence.

Nov, 2013
27th: Adjusted jumper numbers of Les Parish, Peter Fitzgerald and Barry Price thanks to Paul C.
27th: Corrected birthdate of Morton Wright, thanks to Stephen W.
27th: Adjusted spelling of Bervin Woods and Lachie Henderson, Harry O'Brien -> Heritier Lumumba

Oct, 2013
17th: Some more grand final tables, game & career highs, idea by Dale
10th: Demises by grand finalists, idea by Chris
10th: Fixed bug on some players' pages, thanks to Adrian
10th: Multiple teams
3rd: Game time records

Sep, 2013
10th: Corrected Neil McMullin's number, thanks to Lynda C.
10th: Added 1972 player stats, big thanks to Jayzel & Nicholas D.
10th: Finals crowds added to team attendance pages, suggested by Adam
10th: Leigh Matthews' number in 1969 corrected, thanks Jeremy W.
4th: Adjusted for Essendon's 2013 finals disqualification
4th: Amendments to some coaching records, thanks to Ron M. & Eric S.
4th: Richard Taylor -> Dick Taylor, Jimmy Adamson -> Jim Adamson
2nd: Changed Ray Jamieson's height to 180cm, thanks to Jim H.
2nd: Changed Adelaide v Melbourne R22 crowd to 34,653
1st: Updated a number of games 1974-1978 that were missing stats, big thanks to Jayzel

Other recent changes
Start times for the second game of RD5 & R19 1986 doubleheaders changed to 5:00pm, thanks to Kevin T.
Fixed John Scarlett's number for Geelong in 1977, thanks to Peter R.
Changed attendance of R21, 2013 Rich. v Carl to 60,825, thanks to Len C.
Additions to the Brownlow section
Game-by-game, year-by-year player stats, accessed off season player stats e.g. Hawthorn 2013
Most games before first goal and Most games before first final, idea by Dale K.